Women on Boards

Styrelsekraft is a non-profit organisation and nationwide female board network with access to qualified management and board competence. Our aim is to increase the number of women on Swedish company boards and thereby contribute to increased profitability and a more sustainable business.

The Organisation

A nation wide association with a common vision; to be the leading board network and association for qualified board members with national and international roots who are in demand by nomination committees and recruiters.

Board that is operational and national committees:

  • Mentoring program
  • Members & events
  • Recruiters & Nomination Committees
  • National & international networks
  • Partner strategy & financing
  • Communication

Board Competence

Board Assignments

  • 2 out of 3 have one or more board positions. The emphasis is on 3 assignments.
  • Plenty of previous experience. Half have had more than 5 assignments incl current. 
  • Smaller number of full-time board members (as a profession).
  • Great interest in new assignments.
  • About 15% are members of nomination committee.

Corporate Profile

  • The majority operate in unlisted smaller companies
  • Companies with more than 200 employees.
  • Listed companies (Nasdaq, NGM, MTF – Spotlight, First North).

Proposition to Partners/Clients

  • Diversity – Board network with women from diverse industry, at different ages, with diverse skills and experiences. Everyone has leading positions.
  • Accessibility – Channel for qualified board competence. A request can be sent out on demand to result in relevant in applications.
  • Drive – Several are senior board employees in owner-led and public companies, others are at the beginning of their board careers. Everyone has the ability and drive to create results.
  • Simple – We mediate the contact to potential candidates. The rest is up to you.

Board Network Partners

Boards Impact Forum is the Nordic Chapter of the Climate Governance Initiative, in collaboration with World Economic Forum. It is established to engage board directors in Nordics and internationally to accelerate climate actions and innovation for more sustainable business and a sustainable world.

Boards Impact Forum reaches more than 10000 board members in the Nordic Region through its strong board network partners in all Nordic countries.

European Women on Boards is the European umbrella association for gender equality at decision-making level. EWOB is a non-profit Brussels-based organisation whose aim is to increase gender diversity in C-Suite and Board roles throughout Europe.

  • The organisation works together with national associations for advancement of women, EU institutions and corporate partners.
  • Strengthen the leadership capabilities and cross border network of senior women throughout Europe.
  • Conduct unique critical research, measuring and monitoring gender diversity at decision-making level in Europe.

EWOB offers programs that unlock the potential of senior women striving to reach positions with increased decision-making. By joining EWOB, you can realize your ambitions, maximize your abilities and expand your international network.